Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Your Ohana Features and User Guidelines

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Your Online Ohana Amenity

Ohana is a tool to overcome being anonymous in your community. It is an easy way to connect with the building and then with neighbors you feel good being around. Neighbors that are conveniently close when you need help and can even become extended building family.

We ask that everyone honor the building spirit and bring positive and constructive energy to it. The building then can become a communal positive energy helping everyone.

The online features of the Ohana include:

Our Ohana

  • Your Neighbors: A list of your Building members participating (you may choose not to be listed on the member directory). You can private message members when you go to their profile.
  • An Activity Wall: The latest building news or conversation.
  • Discussion Lounge: To create and discuss topics with your neighbors. You can also form groups here.
  • Neighbor Pets: Pets are community members.


  • Events: See the building events or create an event. Please RSVP to help build the event momentum. You can also list an event you are participating in outside of the building and invite your neighbors.
  • Event Calendar: A monthly calendar list of of events.


  • Ohana Share: List or find services or objects that can be shared (e.g. personal trainers, acting coaches, babysitters, housekeepers, even wifi). It is also a great place to offer to help others.
  • Market Place: Buy, sell or give away items. You can also promote your services, people like to trade with neighbors.
  • Neighborhood Businesses: A list of business and services within about a 10 minute walk.


  • Building News: Newsletters and Articles about the building, community and multi-family living.
  • Building FAQs: Frequently asked questions and information on how to use the building and important rules.
  • Lost and Found: A place to list lost or found items. These are removed every two months.


  • Favorites: You can many things on the site by just clicing the heart shaped symbol at the right corner of the title.
  • My Profile: Your bio and basic information. Only your username is seen by other residents. At the top of the page is bar to change some basic community settings and another bar to change your Emergency Preparation settings.
  • Edit Profile: Edit your bio and basic information.
  • Account / Settings: The place to change settings in your account, password, privacy, notifications or to delete your account.


Ohana Community User Guidelines – Connect to a Positive Energy

The purpose of your building Ohana is to connect and help. Think of your building as a host trying to connect you to other people and help you have fun and achieve important things.This spirit is created by the residents. It is an attitude of pride and positive outlook. Your building management can help, but ultimately it is the people that create the community and manage the building energy.

That is you. So please keep your interactions positive and constructive.

Using the system to be aggressive toward other residents or management goes against the spirit of Ohana and will be removed. The expression of genuine hurt, so the community can help, is always welcome. But politics, criticism and negative banter is not.

We are in this together, how powerful can your community be?

What Not To Do: The Following Actions Can Lead To Revocation Of Your Usage And Account.

  • Post illegal, inappropriate or threatening content
  • Spam members through posts or personal messages
  • Make statements that could damage the reputation of other members.
  • Disrupt the environment of another member’s home.
  • Conduct fraudulent activity.

Reporting misuse

If you see any post, comment, profile, or message that you feel goes against the Ohana Star Systems Community Guidelines, please share your concern by reporting it to: webmaster@starbuildinggroup.com. Our team will review all reported posts, and will always keep your report anonymous from other members.